What is Some Dude’s Blog?

Some Dude's BlogHi and Welcome!

If you’re reading this you’ve found Some Dude’s Blog. I started this website for a few very important reasons, but before I get to those I want to lay down some ground rules.

Quality over Quantity

This is not a high volume blog like that of Neil Patel’s, QuickSprout. The goal is not to generate 1,000,000 monthly visitors or make $100,000 a month in 12 months (although those are both admirable goals).

The standing orders for Some Dude’s Blog is to generate content that adds the highest value possible to conversations around Leadership, Marketing, Startups and Technology. If a piece isn’t ready or an idea doesn’t add enough value, it doesn’t get published just to make the numbers or schedule.

Debate Welcome; Trolls Go Home

A large amount of what I will share and say here is based on my experience, opinions and view of the world. Due to that, it’s more than likely that you won’t agree with something I say. Lets welcome friendly debates in the comments, by email or the next time we see each other.

However, lets keep it clean and leave the personal attacks out of it. We’re all better than that.

What’s with the name “Some Dude’s Blog” ?

When I was working on my first company idea I was in grad school and we needed to cite sources on any research papers we wrote related to our work. We quickly learned that most of the cutting edge thought, experience and knowhow was actually in blogs not books.

We eventually were citing blogs so often we would generally refer to “Some Dude’s Blog.”

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